May 03, 2020

Preserving Records for Future Generations

 Last year, through Mercy eNews, we shared information on the exciting MIA project to digitise the archival collection held at the Centre through the Preservica online software. While the project has taken longer than we expected, in time, anyone will be able to go online to view and search digital copies of Catherine’s hand-written letters and explore different items in the collection.  

Archivists and historians record significant events in society and their impact on the population, the environment and on the economy. Hence today we can learn about how past cholera epidemics, wars, natural disasters and pandemics were responded to and how different those responses were from place to place, organisation to organisation, civic leader to civic leader, person to person. Included in those archival and historical documents are the responses from Mercy, beginning with Catherine and the first Mercy communities. 


MIA is grateful to Preservica for donating storage space to the existing MIA digital archive to enable us to include a COVID-19 collection. MIA has begun consulting with Congregational leaders/archivists so that the ways that Mercy has been impacted by, and has responded to, the COVID-19 pandemic can be recorded for future generations.


Have your contributions ready for when the call for them is made. If you require help with what is needed to have your contribution ‘digitally ready’, contact Anna Nicholls rsm. 

Messages to: Anna Nicholls rsm - Head of Heritage & Spirituality

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