February 26, 2021

Programmes from MIA in 2021

With regret, we need to announce that we will not be able to offer any in-house programmes from Mercy International Centre (MIC) in Dublin in 2021.  That will not come as a surprise, I know, as the pandemic continues to enforce closures throughout Ireland and much of the world.  The Board of MIA has supported the decision of the Executive on this matter. However, should it become possible to re-commence any of the other activities which normally form part of life at MIC we will do this.  Our aim is to be ready should the opportunity arise. 

On-line experiences are being prepared and will be advertised in the E-News over the coming weeks.  You are aware that the Mercy Global Presence programme is already in progress and this final segment will run throughout the first half of the year. We will continue to use the available time as best we can and we will try to keep you informed of what is happening.

—Berneice Loch
CEO Mercy International Association

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