December 06, 2015

Quick Access to All Resources for Opening Local Doors of Mercy

This page provides quick access to resources for celebrating the opening of local doors of Mercy on (or around) 13 December.

Dedicate Your Local Door of Mercy on (or around) 13 December
What door of Mercy will you open on (or around) 13 December when the Holy Door in Rome and the Doors of Baggot Street are opened?
Classroom doors and Community Room doors, doors of hospital wards and aged care facilities, office doors and front doors to our convents, homes and gathering places... there are so many possibilities. Read more

Invitation: Become a 'Doorkeeper of Mercy' in the Year of Mercy
Sisters of Mercy and partners-in-Mercy are invited by Elizabeth Davis rsm  'to be guardians of the Door of Mercy, keepers of the in-between place of Mercy' in this coming year of Mercy' (8 December 2015 - 20 November 2016). Watch the video here

Ritual for Opening Local Doors of Mercy Now Available in English & Spanish; Full Colour & Black and White

At the request of MIA, a ritual has been prepared by Sheila Carney rsm (Americas) to use at Baggot Street and is made available here for us all to use locally. Download copies of the ritual here


Music for the Ritual for Opening Local Doors of Mercy
In preparation for opening your local door of Mercy, we invite you to practise your singing. Here we are providing the music for the songs to be sung on these days. Access the music here


Open Doors at Baggot Street Image
Requests have been received for a photo showing the opened red door of 64A Lower Baggot Street for use in local Year of Mercy activity. An 'official' photo has been taken and is now available to any Mercy Congregation, Institute, community or ministry wishing to use it.
Read the guidelines and find out how to obtain the photo here

Use of MIA Year of Mercy Logo
MIA has commissioned a Year of Mercy logo for use by Congregations and Institutes, ministries and communities in the lead up to and during the Year of Mercy. The logo is copyright to Mercy International Association. Read the guidelines and find out how to obtain the logo here

Use of the Mercy International Reflection Process Logo
The Mercy International Reflection Process (MIRP) logo has been designed in English and Spanish specifically for the reflection process. Copyright to the logo is held by Mercy International Association (MIA).
Read the guidelines and find out how to obtain the logo here

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