May 13, 2015

Radio Interview with Elizabeth Davis rsm (Aotearoa New Zealand)

Elizabeth Davis rsm was in Aotearoa New Zealand in April 2015 as the Keynote Speaker at the Tiaki Manatu Mercy Ministries Board Conference speaking on the topic, 'Daring Mercy in the 21st Century'.

While in Aotearoa New Zealand Sr Elizabeth was interviewed on radio by Beate Matthies, Manager of the Mercy Spirituality Centre Auckland. The interview is 30 minutes in length.

In this wide-ranging interview on leadership, Sr Elizabeth spoke of the new understanding of what it means to be a leader today; our identity, call and responsibilities as humans; diversity as gift; bi-culturality and multi-culturalism; inclusivity; equality of access; communication; relationships and being a 'missionary disciple' (Pope Francis)

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The text of Sr Elizabeth's 2014  interview on 'The Ministry of Leadership and Religious Life' (3 parts)  can be found here

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Elizabeth Davis rsm - Congregational Leader, Sisters of Mercy Newfoundland
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