March 12, 2014

Reading Mercy E-news on an iOS Device

Mercy E-news subscribers who read Mercy E-news on an iOS device (iphone or iPad) are reminded that to view the videos or slideshows (image galleries) which often accompany stories on the website, you need to use the Puffin Browser app.

The Puffin browser supports Flash which is a technology still widely used on websites and with games. The slideshows within the website use Flash as this was the technology available when the website was built and there are many slideshows within the site created in the years since the site build.The carousel on the homepage which displays a sequence of changing images was updated at the end of December 2013 using a different technology so is able to be viewed on a computer, iOS or android device without requiring additional software.

Flash is not a software included on iOS devices, hence the need for you to download it. Version 3.5.1 is now available for download at a cost of AUD $4.49. While there is a free version of this app available, the paid version is the premium version and therefore recommended.

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