December 07, 2016

Readings for Mercy

Editor: Throughout 2016 we have been fortunate to publish the long-form writing of many of our Mercy authors. Some of these articles originated as presentations for different audiences; others were originally published elsewhere; the remainder were written for Mercy eNews at our invitation.

We are grateful to: Srs Mary C. Sullivan (Americas), Mary Reynolds (MIA), Cheryl Camp (ISMAPNG), Elizabeth Julian (ANZ), Mary Wickham (ISMAPNG), Helena O'Donoghue (The Congregation), Elizabeth Dowling (ISMAPNG), Marie Farrell (ISMAPNG), Margaret A. Farley (Americas), Sheila Carney (Americas), Brenda Dolphin (The Congregation), Marilyn Sunderman (Americas). Their articles have resonated, nourished, inspired and challenged us over the course of 2016 as we sought to address ‘the cry of the Earth and the cry of the Poor’ in this Jubilee Year of Mercy.

The complete collection can be downloaded here [A4; 106 pps; English; PDF; 9mb].

Articles translated into Spanish and/or provided in both A4 Paper size and US Letter size appear under the author's individual listing below where these are available


8 December, 2015. Mary C. Sullivan rsm:
'Our Call to Weep and Act Mercifully'
[A4; 4pps; PDF]; [US Letter size; 5pps; PDF]

‘Nuestro Llamado a Lamentar y a Obrar con Misericordia’
A4; 5pps; PDF]; [US Letter; 5 pps; PDF]



3 February, 2016. Mary Reynolds rsm:
'Mercy – Re-awakening us to new life'

[A4; 15pps; PDF]; [US Letter; 16pps; PDF]



10 February, 2016. Marie Farrell rsm:
'The Mercy of the Lord Endures Forever' (A4; 5pps; PDF)
First published in vol 49, no 4 - Summer 2015 issue of Compass.
Republished with permission



24 February, 2016. Cheryl Camp rsm:
'Mercy Spirituality and Interfaith Dialogue'

[A4; 3pps; PDF]; [US Letter; pps; PDF]



9 March, 2016. Mary Wickham rsm:
'Exploring the ‘M’ in Mercy'

[A4; 9 pps; PDF]; [US Letter; 10 pps; PDF]



22 April, 2016. Mary C. Sullivan rsm:
'Catherine McAuley and Earth'
A4; 4pps; PDF]; [US Letter; 5pps; PDF]

'Catalina McAuley y Nuestra Tierra'
[A4; 5pps; PDF]; [US Letter; pps; PDF]



11 May, 2016. Helena O'Donoghue rsm:
'Mercy: "the personal face of the only God we know" ' (A4; 4pps; PDF)

First published in the April 2016 issue of The Furrow.
Republished with permission



25 May, 2016. Elizabeth Julian rsm:
'Mercy: The Beating Heart of the Bible' (A4; 13 pps; PDF)

Presented at an Abrahamic Celebration of the Year of Mercy, May 2016



13 July, 2016. Elizabeth Dowling rsm:
'Hearing the Voice of Earth in the Lukan Parable of the Pounds' (A4; 12 pps; PDF)
First published in the May 2016 issue of Colloquium.
Republished with permission



19 October, 2016. Margaret A. Farley rsm:
 'Mercy And Its Works: If Things Fall Apart, Can They Be Put Right?'
(US Letter; pps; PDF)
First published in Catholic Theological Society of America (CTSA) Proceedings 71/2016. Republished with permission



9 November 2016. Mary C. Sullivan rsm:
'The Day of Catherine's Death'
[A4; 2pps; PDF] ; [US Letter; 2pps; PDF]

'El Día de la Muerte de Catalina'
A4; 2pps; PDF] ; [US Letter; 2pps; PDF]



16 November 2016. Sheila Carney rsm:
'Catherine McAuley – an Integrated Life'

[A4; 11pps; PDF]; [US Letter; 11pps; PDF]



16 November 2016. Brenda Dolphin rsm:
'Catherine McAuley – Heroic and Holy'

[A4; 10pps; PDF]; [US Letter; 10pps; PDF]



7 December 2016. Marilyn Sunderman rsm:
'Mercyworks: Compassion In Action: Reflections On MT. 25'

[A4 3pps; PDF]; [US Letter; pps; PDF]




Mary Wickham rsm. A Litany of Mercy

English: Colour: [A4 Paper; 2pps; PDF] ; [US Letter; pps; PDF]
                B&W: [A4 Paper; 2pps; PDF] ; [US Letter; pps; PDF]

Spanish: Colour: [A4 Paper; 2pps; PDF] ; [US Letter; pps; PDF]
                 B&W: [A4 Paper; 2pps; PDF] ; [US Letter; pps; PDF]


Other rich resources produced in 2016

Stations of Mercy: our Face of Mercy to the world

The 14 Traditional Stations, followed by 10 of the Spiritual and Corporal Works of Mercy, prepared by the 12 MIA member congregations and institutes


Video interviews with 14 scholars and other experts from USA, Ireland and Australia. These interviews offer an inspiring range of insights to assist all who seek a better understanding of the action of God in our world today, particularly in the light of the challenge to respond to ‘The Cry of the Earth and the Cry of the Poor’.


We look forward to bringing our readers more such memorable long-form writing in 2017 and would be delighted to hear from any of our Mercy readership who feel able to contribute in this way as 'the work of Mercy goes on' (MIA).

Messages to: Mary Reynolds rsm - Executive Director MIA

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