September 25, 2014

Reflections and Responses to the Mercy Day Morning Prayer #1

Sharing Response to Morning Prayer for Mercy Day prepared by The Congregation


Morning Prayer was just beautiful, and how blessed I felt to participate in Mercy Morning Prayer on Mercy Day with Mercies from around the world. Congratulations on the great technological success achieved in MIA Baggot St Dublin.

Nora McCann US Mercy Province


Happy Mercy day to Sistesr, friends and associates of mercy throughtout the world. Thanks to all who prepared the ritual and the mass. I enjoyed it and felt united with you.

Carmel Lohan
US province San Diego, CA


The Mercy Day ritual was so inspiring. The prayers and readings brought me so much closer to Catherine McAuley. She was so imbued with God's Mercy.
Good to know that I am part of this worldwide group praying though the intercession of Catherine mcAuley for compassion and mercy on the troubled areas of our world. Thank you.

Claudia Beecher
Mercy Associate
U. S. Province, (Congregation)


Congratulations and very good wishes on the prayer service this morning (24th).
Some of us watched the streaming on the desktop computer. Reception was perfect and the event was beautiful
and inspiring.
I wish you all blessings on Mercy Day.
Philomena Horner


We met in the afternoon, used the Ritual for Mercy Day and celebrated with afternoon tea. It has been wonderful to share in the Baggot St celebrations. Thanks for inviting us from all over the world to join those of you in Catherine's House.

Deirdre Gardiner rsm

 Srs Deirdre Gardiner, Catherine Strohfeld,
Patricia MacGinley
Srs Margaret Murphy, Maureen Keenan,
Shirley Meares, Beverley Smith



Happy Mercy Day to you!
We were not able to join the prayer this morning but plan to use it tonight so delighted that it is now available.............
Peace and joy as the week goes on!


Here in Whitby, England we are a Community with Care for 19 Srs. .
We are attempting to share in the various themes of this special week - telling our own stories, as far as possible, highlighting key phrases and developing them. Those are able have been watching the rituals on line and are delighted not only with them but particularly when they spot someone they know.
Our sincere congratulations for your magnificent efforts.
With every good wish and blessing on this special day.

From the Srs. in Whitby, North Yorkshire, England

 Whitby Sisters preparing for ...
 and sharing in the celebrations in Dublin


Making ‘doors’ for our display - now complete 


Watching the Ritual online in the office on 24th September


Dear Mary and Team

This morning's ritual prepared by the Congregation was beautifully done. It was lovely to be able to share in the Mercy Day celebrations with members of the other provinces.
The readings, the "Gathering" Dance and the prayers were so appropriate. We enjoyed the story of Cana very much. The music was lovely.
The whole ritual made us feel really "Mercy"!

I am attaching a few pictures of the children from Iona Convent Pretoria at their Mercy Day Mass.
In South Africa the 24th of September is 'Heritage Day', so the children always celebrate Mercy Day in their traditional dress. We celebrate 'heritage' on many levels!

We are looking forward to watching the Mass tonight. It must have been very good to be there in person.

Best wishes for the rest of the celebrations.
The Sisters of the South African Province


 Mercy day Mass bible procession
 Mercy Day Mass at iona Convent Pretoria



A whole lot of us at our Aotearoa New Zealand Chapter watched and prayed the Irish morning prayer at 9pm our time on Mercy Day (until the BB streaming at the conference centre went down). It was wonderful to be so much part of the huge Mercy prayer circle.


Many thanks for the opportunity to join online with the lovely events taking place at this special time.
Dolores Grady RSM


Love the greeting to us in NZ did you hear us cheering in response!
There are 27 of us sitting here at the end of a long day and after a festive mercy day dinner. But so nice to join you all.
Abundant mercy greetings to all!

Anna Nicholls RSM



The prayer was super today. Congratulations.
All the best for the week.
Chapter has begun well.
Denise Fox rsm


Congratulations and blessings on all who are involved and associated with the wonderful celebrations this week at Mercy International Centre.

Baggot st seems to me like a great Irish Oak tree (or indeed similar trees like the Cedars of Lebanon or the Redwoods of California) planted by Catherine and given a new generational life by MIA in 1994. Today 20 years later this great Oak is thriving, flourishing, stretching out its arms to the ends of the earth and to the skies above where Catherine and so many of our sisters and friends now reside. It continues to provide shelter, comfort and the medicinal leaves of Mercy and hospitality in a way never envisaged.

Thank you so much to Mary Reynolds and all her team.

With love

Helena O’Donoghue RSM
Dublin Ireland.



Congratulations to MIA and all those who have been involved in this wonderful celebration.
We are united with you in spirit, and looking forward to joining you on LINE over the coming days.
The spirit of Mercy is alive and well!
Juliana, Margaret and Bev.
Casino, Australia


What a beautiful prayer (6:30 am for us in Newfoundland!). We were so pleased to be part of the celebration this day. Wonderful production Anne. Great to see you Patricia and Monica - Happy Mercy Day!


What a grand way to start Mercy Day for you and what a grand way to end it for us! Great vision and sound but even more – very moving and wonderful to be present with you all.

Many thanks Adele, Anne and all with you.

Anne & Marie


A hundred thousand thank yous to all who made it possible for us to share in this extraordinary and joyous celebration this day and in days to come! Happy Mercy Day!
Genie and Maryann
Northeast Community, USA



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