September 25, 2014

Reflections and Responses to the Mercy Day Morning Prayer #2

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Convent of Mercy, Kells

There was a great sense of anticipation as we gathered around the television. Our initial fears that we might not get a reception faded as Mary Reynolds welcomed us all to participate in the opening ritual. The ritual was the highlight of our evening and we are grateful to the Sisters of the Americas for graciously sharing their creativity. The readings from the Derry and the Limerick manuscripts took us back to the early days of Mercy. The reference to the beginnings; to Trocaire 1981, symbol of the keys and the picture of the front door of Baggot Street evoked something in us that called us beyond our individual selves and into a communal experience.
We joined in the prayers of intercession and were moved by the poignant response - "I stand at the door and knock. Open to me."

We enjoyed the sharing of the "Moments" and the dramatization by the Full Circle Playback Theatre. The sharing from Sisters from around the world of special Moments fostered a sense of oneness and belonging among us - a sense of being part of something so much bigger than ourselves.

We valued Mary Trainer's recollection of the beginnings of Mercy International and her interaction with Sr. Sebastian all those years ago, when the vision of Baggot Street as a unifying centre for all Mercy Sisters was born.

Sadly, we lost reception after that. but we continued our reflection together. Our question to each other was about Mercy in today's world. The response to the intercessions echoed to us. "I stand at the door and nock. Open to Me." We talked about interaction with the poor today and acknowledged that all sorts of issues can block our response. If I meet a homeless person today what issues come to the fore? Fear for personal and community safety; fear of being taken advantage of; health and safety concerns, the threat of litigation and insurance claims - all surfaced.

In the end we were left with the question; Whose health and safety are we most concerned about? - our own or that of the homeless person? This left us with food for thought. for personal reflection and hopefully for further communal discussion.


Congratulations and very good wishes on the prayer service this morning (24th).
Some of us watched the streaming on the desktop computer. Reception was perfect and the event was beautiful
and inspiring.
I wish you all blessings on Mercy Day.

Philomena Horner rsm
Northern Province


Wonderful to see the Mass on the e-mail. A terrific experience. Great to see our Australians with Catherine at the entrance. What a wonderful, wonderful day. God is with us ALL.
Love Catherine O’Connor rsm


Congratulations and very good wishes on the prayer service this morning (24th).
Some of us watched the streaming on the desktop computer. Reception was perfect and the event was beautiful
and inspiring.
I wish you all blessings on Mercy Day.
Philomena Horner
Northern Province


Thank you Mary
I so enjoyed the live stream of Ritual and Bishop Martin's homily.........
So Clear.and great to see many I know.including yourself!!


Dear Mary,
Wishing you and all at Mercy International a very happy and blessed feast of Our Lady of Mercy. I hope that the celebrations are going very well for you.
Love and God bless
Brenda Dolphin rsm
The Congregation


Dear Mary,

Happy Mercy Day and heartiest congratulations on the 20th anniversary celebration of Mercy International Association. We rejoice with you and send blessings to you and to all involved in the preparations and celebrations. You have done a wonderful job and we are delighted to be united with you on this special occasion. Our thanks to all of you.

In love and mercy,
Greendale, Ennis Community....Mary, Maura, Catherine, Kathleen, Catherine and Regina


Live Steam of MIA Celebration held at Convent of Mercy Parramatta September 24 2014
Twenty-five Sisters, colleagues and friends of Mercy gathered to view the live stream of the celebration at Baggot St. A delicious high morning tea and many comfortable cups of tea were enjoyed before the viewing. Participants expressed their appreciation of seeing, hearing and being involved in this global celebration through the wonders of technology.


Those who have had the privilege of visiting Baggot St felt a special sense of connection with the presentation as it enabled them to feel once again the spirit of Catherine they experienced there. There was lively discussion around the tables and positive suggestions for making the House of Mercy more open and involved with young people especially for outreach to the poor. We viewed Part 1, the ritual, but unfortunately Part 2, the Playback Theatre, had not yet been archived. We hope to see it later. Finally everyone present was given a beautiful rose to commemorate the occasion.


Sr Margaret Hinchey, rsm


Congratulations to all who have made it so easy for us here in Australia to celebrate with you, the prayerfulness and joy that you are experiencing is being carried over the airwaves to us. May the Spirit of Mercy continue to spread throughout the world.
Thank you.
Rosarii O’Connor rsm


The Spirit of Catherine is being lived in these days all around . Our day of joy and celebration was joined to the Spirit filled celebrations you are all experiencing.
It is enlivening to join with you in all the happy prayertimes on line. Thanks to all the generous people who have made this possible.
Love and Peace ,
Pat Adams ( Louise , Billie Mercy Associates)


Mary and Team,

Many thanks for uniting us in prayer across the globe on this Mercy Day … a very enriching experience Blessings galore to all our Sisters and all who minister alongside us in Mercy.

Mary Potter (Santee, California … U.S. Province)


It was a joy to be a part of the opening ritual and prayer. It was so beautifully prayed. Thank you for today and we look forward to sharing tomorrow with you.

Take care of our Omaha Mercy ladies. Peace and many blessings.

Johanna Burnell, RSM
Jeanne O'Rourke, RSM


What a thrilling experience it was to join you in prayer this morning!
Yesterday's opening was equally inspiring. How good to be a part of this. Thank you for making it possible.
Companion in Mercy, USA



Mercy Day in Newcastle upon Tyne UK


Thought you might like to see the Baggot St door on our prayer space (ANZ Chapter)



Denise Fox


Morning Prayer was just beautiful, and how blessed I felt to participate in Mercy Morning Prayer on Mercy Day with Mercies from around the world. Congratulations on the great technological success achieved in MIA Baggot St Dublin.

Nora McCann
US Mercy Province

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