September 24, 2014

Reflections and Responses to the Opening Event #2

Sharing Response to Opening Ritual Telling the Story from those present and those present online


What a great gathering of Mercy people today in Baggot Street to celebrate Mercy Day. We are with you all in spirit – one heart, one mind – one in Mercy.
From your sisters in Mercy in PNG.


Hello Mary and everyone responsible for this super beginning!

I cannot even begin to imagine all the work that went into this event, all the behind- the- scenes work, but I thank each one of you with all my heart! I did not wish myself in the chapel with you all, because watching the proceedings in the living room of my new community of St. Lawrence, Newfoundland,  I felt very much part of the whole Mercy family just as if I were physically present in Dublin.
I was so happy to have Newfoundland play a part in the opening event through Elizabeth's quote in your welcoming address and with Patricia March's delightful memories of MIA's beginnings. I am so very joy - filled after this day. Thank you.

I eagerly look forward to the next sessions.
Happy Mercy Day!



I am writing from the east coast of the USA and have spent the last hour participating in the prayer rituals of the 23 September festivities. Thank you. What a way to begin my Mercy Day 2014... In this my 50th Jubilee in Mercy. I am deeply grateful. Trocaire!
Sheila Harrington,RSM.
Riverside, Rhode Island, US


Anne -
I just finished watching the opening ceremony and couldn't believe how clear it was. What a joy to see all those familiar faces and to see the work of all these months coming to fruition.

Sheila Carney


Some of our ISMAPNG and Mercy Works family gathered for morning tea before prayer and lunch at the Institute Centre at Stanmore in Sydney today, Mercy day, and we watched the archived Opening Ceremony on the big screen in our Meeting room. It was marvellous to be part of the initial celebration in this way. Thanks to all who have made this happen.

It is beautiful and sunny here in Sydney today so we shared our lunchtime meal in the garden outside where the beautiful bronze of Catherine McAuley recently found a home. Caroline Ryan rsm sat beside Catherine for a while as this photo shows.


Dear Mary, Mary Kay, Sylvia and all at Mercy International,
Happy Mercy Day and my warmest congratulations on 20 years of " extravagant mercy hospitality " at MIA. I have just returned from " See and Tea" in Parramatta where Sisters of Mercy and their Mercy Associates have gathered to celebrate and be part of the Ritual at Baggot St. So many wonderful memories came flooding back to me and I felt that I was really back in the chapel. As each image came on the screen I felt myself remembering - I sat in that seat, there was my bedroom overlooking Baggot St, I stood out the front and had my photo taken with Catherine . So may the Mercy world continue to be " refreshed and filled with Catherine's laughter, love and life " and the " extravagant hospitality" of MIA be " a shining lamp giving light to all around"
Mercy love and prayers

Antoinette Doyle rsm - Parramatta, Australia


 Dear Mary

Thank you sincerely for the wonderfully inclusive way that you’ve embraced us all in different parts of the Mercy world.

It is a blessing and a joy to be part of such a family. Catherine’s heart would surely be singing.

Ken Cullen
Mercy Friend Sydney, Australia


 Happy Feastday Mary,
It was a great beginning. I got to bed at 4.45am Australian time. Enjoyed every minute of the time.Great to see so many familiar faces.
Hope all goes well today.
Mary Lynch rsm


Opening Ritual was so beautiful. I felt I was there with all of you ..congratulations and thank you for all that went into the celebration today. Thank you also for making it possible for is to be with you in spirit streaming Live .

Anne Corrigan
U.S A Province


Mercy Day greetings from all the Mercies at Coolock Apartments, Nudgee, Brisbane. We gathered with Mercy Aged Care Services in the Chapel at Emmaus, this morning to celebrate Eucharist. Our celebrant was Bishop Bill Morris, formerly Bishop of Toowoomba Diocese – a Diocese in which many of our Sisters ministered over the years.
We have just logged on and seen our Joan Morrissey and Gabrielle Ryan’s photo in front of Baggot Street. We are delighted!
Blessings and greetings from Germaine Greathead and Joan Hooper.


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