November 06, 2018

Remembrance Day, 11 November

‘The most often repeated of Catherine’s last words – the request that the sisters be given a good cup of tea when she was gone…has become central to our understanding of Catherine’s hospitable spirit and has helped us, over the years, to introduce others to her generous heart…

The message of the cup of tea is a profound one. It is a sacramental, if you will, of our life together. In it, Catherine asks us to be sisters to one another and to trust that, when we turn to one another in moments of joy and sorrow, in times of confusion and change, we will find God in that interaction. And herself as well, I believe. So we must use this symbol carefully because, in addition to all the other meanings with which we have invested it, it is Catherine’s final call to a loving and generous sisterhood among us…’

From the Reflection given at MIC, 11 November 2010

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