February 22, 2019

Report from South Africa on our Care for our Common Home

We have recycling programmes in all our schools and in most of our communities. There will be a day on Laudato Si' for teachers in our schools on 26 February and Sr  Elaine will be conducting a morning programme on eco-spirituality with the Justice and Peace Committee in one of our neighbouring parishes. We hope this will spread to other parishes.

We have a very viable and successful sustainable food garden project in Winterveldt that has been running for years.  Winterveldt is a very water scarce area.  In the past I have been involved with rural youth groups, teaching care of the earth, praying with and in nature and encouraging respect and gratitude for the gifts of the earth. 

These are all interventions that are either ongoing or need to be revived/shared more widely in the year ahead.  There was a call from our Provincial Chapter for a talk/workshop on eco-spirituality and what it means.  We will be planning this.

South Africa is a water scarce country and we are in the grip of a heat wave as well as a drought in certain areas of the country.  I feel that one of the programmes we should undertake is care of, sustainable use of and respect for water. Some of us will be planning input around this as well.

Quite a lot of restaurants are now using plastic straws so the word is getting out.  I circulated the link to the youth programme, run by GCCM at the World Youth Day event, to the relevant contacts in our high schools.

Marilyn Browne rsm

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