June 14, 2012

Reporting From RIO: What is the Criteria for Success at Rio +20? (MGA)

Aine O' Connor rsm who is on the ground at Rio +20, asks Martin Khor, Executive Director of South Centre, an Intergovernmental policy think tank developing countries, what he thinks are the top criteria for success at the Rio +20.

Click here to listen to his response(video)

In addition, Srs. Mary and Aine highly recommend two important summaries of the key issues at the Rio+20 provided by South Centre and Third World Network at the Rio + 20 meeting. Notice how many of these key issues are highlighted in Mercy International Association’s statement on Rio+20.

Access: Rio+20 Summit: The Key Issues

Access: Key Issues for Rio+20 (pdf)

Views from Rio in the lead up to Rio+20 (June 20-22)

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