March 31, 2020

Resources for Holy Week at Home

With public celebrations of Holy Week/Easter ceremonies cancelled as  a result of the global COVID-19 pandemic,  the digital resources listed on this page may be of help in participation & celebration at home.

See your Diocesan website for local livestreaming arrangements and The Tablet for a listing of liturgical and spiritual resources.

COMECE (Commission of the Bishops’ Conferences of the European Union) has  launched '', an online platform offering live streaming services from Catholic sanctuaries and churches in Europe.

Holy Week Message from Pope Francis
Meditation on Holy Thursday: Veronica Lawson rsm

'Earlier this week, I took time to read again Irish poet Brendan Kennelly’s version of The Trojan Women. The words of the sea god Poseidon in the opening soliloquy keep coming back to me.  Poseidon is looking at the devastated city of Troy. He muses, “Freedom is like health. You don’t know it until you’ve lost it.”...'

Download the Meditation here
Devotions and 3-Minute Retreats: Loyola Press
PRINT Praying Holy Week 2020 with our Five Senses: St Beunos
Download the leaflet here
AUDIO A Journey Through Holy Week: Jesuits in Britain

Eight conversations for Holy Week to take you back to those tense and frightening days in Jerusalem and place you alongside the apostles as they try to make sense of the political and mystical forces at work in what is happening to them, to Jesus their Lord, and to the people of God.

Access the conversations here

Holy Week told through 100 Paintings: Christian Art Today

This is the story of Holy Week told through 100 paintings, ranging from Ancient Rome to Contemporary Art (4:23).

VIRTUAL Stations of the Cross in the Spirit of Laudato Si': JPIC

April 4 - Stations of the Cross in Pamphili Park in Rome, 3:00 PM to 4:30 PM, Rome Time, April 4, 2020, will be a virtual  journey in the Spirit of Laudato Si. (Your time here)

Download the Stations in English; in Spanish

VIRTUAL Way of the Cross for Economic and Ecological Justice: Maryknoll, Co-sponsored by Sisters of Mercy of the Americas

10 April, 12-1pm EDT

Based on the Economic Way of the Cross, written by the Religious Working Group on the World Bank/IMF, the Way of the Cross for Economic and Ecological Justice provides a prayerful way to walk the steps of Jesus in this time of financial and ecological crisis. This year, it is a virtual event.

Details are here.

Script is here

Your time is here

ONLINE The Way of Asylum

A Community experience of compassion and empathy.

'Michelina's art recognizes that asylum seekers embody Christ in our midst, confronting us with the truly horrific journey that many who seek asylum endure on their journey to seek safety and refuge.'

In English

In Spanish

PRINT Laudato Si' Stations of the Cross: Columbans

'Solidarity with Brothers and Sisters
Solidarity with Earth as Our Mother
And all she holds as our kin'

Download the resource here

VIDEO Stations of the Cross Digital Retreat: Catholic Relief Services

Available in both English and Spanish. Addressing contemporary issues

English here

Spanish here

VIDEO Stations of the Cross: Busted Halo

To download a video with all the Stations of the Cross, go here and click the download arrow or choose save or download.

AUDIO Stations of the Cross: Pray as You Go

Reflections can be accessed here

ONLINE & PRINT Scriptural Stations of the Cross: Jesuits in Britain

In each of the Stations, there are three moments: ASK, PRAY and NOTICE. 

Print version of the Scriptural Stations of the Cross

PRINT Way of the Cross for Our Common Home: Caritas Canada

Download the Way of the Cross here

Easter Mystery in Extraordinary Times: Kairos
Easter: From CHAUSA (Catholic Health Association of the United States)

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