February 18, 2020

Resources for Lent 2020

To help each one of us prepare for Easter during the Season of Lent (26 February - 9 April 2020) and following past practice, we have compiled our list of new-for-2020- free- online resources for your reading, listening, viewing, praying and reflection.

The resources listed here are not intended to be a comprehensive listing, so if you think we are missing any excellent new and free resources, please let us know.

As further resources are added to the listing over the next few weeks, they will be identified with a 'new' icon.

Messages to: the Editor

Mercy Global Presence Reflective Posters: MIA

Explore the riches in Mercy Global Presence Segment One: Global using the four reflective posters and accompanying guides on the four themes: 'Cosmos/Cosmology', 'Earth and Integral Ecology', 'People and Deep Social Change', 'Incarnate God in Cosmos and in Person of Jesus'.

Download the Posters & Guides here
Lenten Reflection Guide 2020: Maryknoll Missioners

'A Journey Towards Ecological conversion'

The Lenten Reflection Guide for 2020 focuses on the concept of "ecological conversion," emphasized by Pope Francis in his encyclical Laudato Si'. It offers reflections, prayers, and questions based on the scripture passages for each week of Lent and featuring the experiences of Maryknoll Missioners. 

Download the resource here
Online Retreat: Jesuits in Britain

A Retreat, Journey into Freedom, based on the Spiritual Exercises of St Ignatius of Loyola

Details are here View the Booklet online or Download the booklet
Ecospirituality Resources for Lent 2020: Terri McKenzie shcj

I Thirst: This material was created to help people deepen their reflections on Jesus’ “I Thirst” during Lent by appreciating God’s gift of water, the divine presence living and acting within it, current water conditions on Earth, and how we can respond in faith. 

Download the resource here Descargar el recurso aquí

Laudato Si’: This material focuses on Laudato Si’, Pope Francis’ encyclical highlighting the unity of all creation, current threats to it, relevant Scripture, causes of the problems, and potential solutions. Participants will read and pray with quotes from the document, discuss them and take actions. It also includes suggestions for music and media.

Download the resource here
Opening the Scriptures: Churches Together in Britain and Ireland

Setting our hearts on fire

Taking this biblical story as its starting point, the course invites us to ‘open the scriptures’ and read them with with both our hearts and our heads.

Download the resource here
For Our Common Home: Development & Peace Canada

Resources on this theme include Solidarity calendar, prayer card, reflection and Way of the Cross.

Download here
Signs of Life: Why Church Matters: Society of Saint John the Evangelist,

'This series comes right from the heart of our lives as monks at SSJE, as it takes up the signs and symbols of our shared Christian worship.'

Download the resource
Grace of Earth: Columbans

This resource explores six Earth life support systems as ways of God revealing, God inspiring, God challenging. These are: 

  1. Atmosphere
  2. Oceans
  3. Fresh Water
  4. Land
  5. Plant Life
  6. Animal Life
Download the resource here
Mercy Meatless Mondays: Sisters of Mercy of the Americas Justice Team

During the Season of Creation last fall, the Sisters of Mercy encouraged the Mercy Community to refrain from eating meat on Mondays for seven weeks. We took this action as one way to care for Earth, as meat production consumes large amounts of water and produces more greenhouse gasses than a vegetarian diet.

With Lent 2020 approaching, the Mercy Justice Team is reintroducing Mercy Meatless Mondays. Same resource, new content and look. Just as in the fall, Mercy Meatless Mondays Lent 2020 includes inspirational quotes, informational resources regarding health and the environment, and of course, recipes!

Please post photos of your meatless meals to social media using the hashtag #MercyMeatlessMondays. And sign up for more resources to help you with Earth-friendly lifestyle changes.

Thank you,

Sisters of Mercy Justice Team

Download the resource here (English) Download the resource here (Spanish)
Blog Series: Institute of the Americas
Living Laudato Si' Lenten Calendar: Sisters of Charity of Saint Elizabeth Office of JPIC

'Living our vocation to be protectors of God’s handiwork is essential to a life of virtue; it is not an optional or a secondary aspect of our Christian experience.” (LS 217)

Download the calendar here (English) Download the calendar here (Spanish)
Lenten Moments : Mercy Partners Qld
Lessons in Lent: Global Sisters Report

Six lessons on six themes from GSR for use in the classroom.

Download resources here
Lent 2020 Primary Resources: CAFOD

Find out about how CAFOD helps people in the Amazon rainforest to defend their rights.

Download the resources here
Lent 2020 Secondary & Youth Resources: CAFOD

Defend the Defenders of the Amazon

Download the resources here
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