July 22, 2014

Ritual handing over of property from the Family Care Sisters (FCS) to ISMAPNG

On July 12, 2014, the Family Care Sisters (FCS) and the Institute of Sisters of Mercy of Australia and Papua New Guinea (ISMAPNG), marked a significant development in their ongoing partnership.

Maude O’Connell

Since 2008 both groups have journeyed together in a spirit which would have brought great joy to their founding women, Maude O’Connell and Catherine McAuley, both of whom had a strong belief in the Providence of God and worked for the betterment of women. For Maude – it was providing care and nurture to families by providing practical support for the mother in her own home; Catherine was drawn to providing shelter for homeless girls and women, education of the poor and visitation of the sick in their homes.

Michele Toussaint fcs holding the empty
vessel into which the soil from
each of the four sites
being transferred to ISMAPNG
was placed during the ritual


In the light of many conversations and discussions since 2008, and after much prayer and further discernment and conversations among their current Leadership teams, the FCS have made the decision to transfer ownership of all properties to ISMAPNG. The Ministry at Rye is being transferred to McAuley Community Services for Women and the FCS have asked that ISMAPNG honour the current contract FCS has with “Daybreak”, an ecumenical group using the Bendigo house. At this stage the FCS will continue to manage the ministry at Canterbury (hospitality house) and the Croydon respite facility for women.

Within the Eucharist celebrated on July 12 at Our Lady of Good Counsel Parish Church in Deepdene, Melbourne, to mark the conclusion of the Chapter of the Family Care Sisters, a ritual was held to recognize the transfer of property and the decision both Congregations have made to continue their journey together in faith.

Messages to: Annette Schneider rsm - Institute Vicar ISMAPNG 


l-r: Jill Harding fcs, Congregation Leader, Berneice Loch rsm Institute Leader and
Michele Toussaint fcs


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