July 09, 2014

Sabon Rayuwa Centre for Cosmology, Ecology and Culture (The Congregation)

In 2002 the Sisters of Mercy in the Nigerian Region, in collaboration with the Catholic Diocese of Yola, built a house in the village of Kofari, 8 kms from the city of Yola, where they offer a model of compassionate, earth-friendly and hospitable living, grounded in the bio-region.


The peaceful setting of Sabon Rayuwa Centre provides ideal surroundings for reflection and study as well as the delivery of training programmes, workshops, information and advice on Ecology, Organic Farming, Poultry production, Fish Farming, Herbal Medicine, Creation Spirituality, sustainable ways of living and more

Sabon Rayuwa (New Life) Centre serves as a model for ecological agricultural production and earth friendly living. It is linked to a UNDP programme Songhai International in the Benin Republic. Staff of the centre has been trained at Songhai International and the Director Fr. N Nzamujo is a Consultant/Adviser to Sabon Rayuwa.


The Centre works in collaboration with the Diocesan Integrated Community Water and Agricultural Programme (ICWAP) The enterprise is to create the conditions for improving the lives of others, the great majority of whom live in rural areas. Young African men and women are trained to develop their initiative and creativity, ready and able to meet the socio-economic challenges of the future. In the process they are encouraged to develop a strong desire for change and a better life.


All programmes and Retreats are focused on Creation and our role as partners and healers of God’s creation. Education is integrated with Earthcare work and prayer. We aim to cater flexibly to the needs of different groups and can plan a specially tailored programme to suit the needs of local people.

The Centre has become a major visitor attraction in the Yola area. We offer 2/3 hour guided tours for groups and senior school students.

Many of the Courses and workshops we offer are provided on an outreach basis in different locations. A follow up service is offered and the progress is monitored by the Centre.

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