April 30, 2019

Saintly Feasts: Food for Saints and Scholars

Editor: In Issue #805 (6 February 2019), we linked to an article from Mercy Handsworth on the presentation by the Jesuits of the Campion Medal to Colette Scully and Martina Maher, former members of the Congregation of the Sisters of Mercy who remain closely connected with the congregation. That article spoke of the book of recipes the duo would be publishing this year through Messenger Publications. The recipes were originally prepared by Colette and Martina as the main Sunday meal at the Jesuit house, 'Manresa', in Birmingham, England. Each is linked to the story of a saint.

The book is now available at 19.95.

It can be purchased from St Mary's Handsworth or online from Messenger Publications, Amazon, Book Depository.  Alternatively, order it through your local bookshop.


'Martina Maher and Colette Scully with Dries van der Akker SJ

A wonderful collection of delicious feasts, originally prepared for Sunday lunches at a Jesuit house in Birmingham.

Each recipe is accompanied by a saint with a (sometimes tenuous) connection to the ingredients or the dish itself. A brief life of each saint gives the book a very special dimension.

For many years these two Irish women have cooked Sunday lunch for the Jesuit house in Birmingham. Their guests have been the Jesuits themselves, Jesuit novices, and many other visitors. Both women emigrated from Ireland when they were young and were greatly helped by the Jesuits on their arrival in the UK. When they retired from their respective careers they wanted to give something back to the Jesuits and decided to cook a Sunday lunch. Now in their 90s and 70s respectively, they have brought their years of Sunday lunches together in this very special collection.'

All royalties will go to the Jesuit Refugee Service UK.

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