October 04, 2017

Season of Creation Photographic Meditation: from the Lenses of our Network Photographers

Today concludes the Season of Creation (1 September - 4 October). Since 2 September we have seen daily glimpses of creation on our website homepage, facebook page and twitter account from a number of the countries in which Sisters of Mercy minister and live: USA, Aotearoa New Zealand, Timor Leste, Papua New Guinea, Newfoundland, South Sudan, Australia, Ireland, Peru.

A slideshow of the images that have appeared throughout this Season are shown here. Enjoy these glimpses of aspects of the beauty of creation as seen through the lenses of our Mercy network photographers.

Do consider participating next year, our third year of showcasing the beauty and wonder of our world in this way.

Slideshow 1: 2-18 September

  • 1. Victoria Incrivaglia rsm (Americas). Water Lilies

  • 2. Stephanie Kitching rsm (ANZ). Wellington Harbour

  • 3. Helen Nolen rsm (ISMAPNG). Fog rolling in near Fatululic Cova Lima district Timor Leste

  • 4. Maureen Sexton rsm (ISMAPNG). Spider web in PNG

  • 5. Ann Gilroy rsj Gore Bay Aotearoa New Zealand

  • 6. Diane Smyth rsm (Newfoundland). Winter in Quidi Vidi Village, St Johns, NL.

  • 7. Mary Fraser rsm (Americas). The Gulls

  • 8. Ailish O'Brien rsm (The Congregation). Family homes in Yambio, South Sudan

  • 9. Mary Wickham rsm (ISMAPNG). Pelicans at Streaky Bay, South Australia

  • 10. Kathy Higgins rsm (The Congregation). Apples

  • 11. Carmel Crawford (ISMAPNG). Ormiston Gorge, NT, Australia

  • 12. Patricia March rsm (NL).Sunset, Gull Island, Conception Bay, Newfoundland

  • 13. Diane Smyth rsm (Newfoundland). Scene in La Grama, Peru.

  • 14. Kathleen Howe. Whiting, New Jersey

  • 15. Elizabeth McNamee rsm (Thye Congregation). Wasp feeding on fuschia.

  • 16. Helen Diviney rsm (The Congregation). Plums for Jam

  • 17. Mary Wickh Messages to: Anne Walsh - Communications Director MIRP

    Image: Anne Foale rsm (ISMAPNG). Superb blue wren

Slideshow 2: 19 September - 4 October

  • 19. Deborah Watson rsm (Americas). Lemons, Mater Convent, Buenos Aires, Argentina

  • 20. Anne Foale rsm (ISMAPNG). Rainbow lorikeet, Sydney, Australia

  • 21. Bev Whitton rsm (ISMAPNG). Floral art, Casino, NSW

  • 22. Helen Nolen rsm (ISMAPNG). Desert sky, Kimberley region, Australia

  • 23. Patricia March rsm (NL). Wild blueberries from Northern Bay, Newfoundland.

  • 24. Betty Calfapietra rsm (Americas). Moonrise on a road to the San Carlos Apache reservation in Arizona, USA.

  • 25. Ann Gilroy rsj. Rakaia Gorge Rd, Canterbury, NZ .

  • 26. Anne Walsh (MIA). Catherine McAuley rose

  • 27. Stephanie Kitching rsm. Whangarei Falls, New Zealand

  • 28. Ellen Geraghty (ISMAPNG). Chook at Rahamim Ecology Centre, NSW

  • 29. Adele Howard rsm (ISMAPNG) St Francis in an Olive Grove, Assisi

Messages to: Anne Walsh - Communications Director MIRP

Image: Anne Foale rsm (ISMAPNG), superb blue wren


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