September 08, 2015

Setting up to Watch the Live or Archived Video Streamed Papal Addresses

We published the instructions below to assist the Mercy family in setting up for the MIA 20th anniversary livestreams and repeat them here as many found them helpful. If you know of other helpful online advice we would appreciate receiving the link/s to publish for the benefit of all.

The streamed events can be watched:
* via a computer or other digital device
* via a computer or other digital device linked to a data projector
* via a computer linked to a television

The following links may be of use to those still needing assistance in setting up their equipment to watch the events online. We strongly recommend that you check your equipment and rehearse linking to the tv or data projector well before you want to watch a live event.

Linking to a data projector

How to connect your iPad to a projector, screen or TV (video; 15:30)

Linking to a television

How to connect my PC to a TV (video; 02:23)

Connect your computer to a tv (article with diagrams)

How do I connect my PC, iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch to a TV? (select option)

Remember that you control the level of sound you hear by adjusting the level on your computer speakers. If your computer speakers are not built in, remember to attach them.

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