September 20, 2015

Sharing Mercy Day Greetings With One Another (2)

The great feast that unites the Mercy world is Mercy Day, 24 September.

Send us your greetings to by 23 September to make sure they are published for Mercy Day.

Messages to: the Editor


Greetings to everyone around the world! How privileged we are to be Mercy in the world today. There are so many ways we can Make Mercy Real. May blessings be abundant in your life and ministry. Have a great Mercy Day!

Colette Baldwin rsm
Prairie Area Coordinator
Sisters of Mercy Association, WMW
Omaha, Nebraska


All of us at Our Lady of Mercy College (OLMC) Parramatta  wish people of Mercy around the world a happy Mercy Day!

OLMC Parramatta celebrated Mercy Day on Friday, 11 September. A beloved celebration of the College’s rich heritage, the day featured a Mass led by Bishop Administrator Reverend Fr Peter Williams where we were invited to contemplate Mercy and, in particular, the ways we could make Mercy a verb in the upcoming Year of Mercy, as proclaimed by Pope Francis.

We also unveiled our new Doors of Mercy which were inspired by the original doors of the House of Mercy at Baggot Street, Dublin. The Doors open to a 180 degree angle, symbolising the reciprocity of Mercy, between God, people and creation. Over 700 staff, student and alumnae signed the petition to the Pope for the cause of Catherine McAuley’s canonisation in the Year of Mercy.

Mercy Action is central to life at the College and, in the lead up to Mercy Day, Student Mercy Action Representatives collected toiletries for homeless people and sanitary items for homeless women as a part of ‘Share the Dignity’ Campaign.

We are looking forward to the Year of Mercy and to continuing to make Mercy a verb through a number of initiatives including our Mercy Tree (which will this year support mental health initiatives and Mercy Works) as well as staff formation and reflection with Sister of Mercy, Aine Barrins from Ireland (pictured right) with Claire Thomas, OLMC Parramatta Director of Missio.

Christine Pace
Communications Officer
OLMC Parramatta



Sisters of Mercy wherever you live and move ... let us hold one another in joyful prayer for all that we are and do as Catherine’s daughters. May we extend Mercy to those most in need and who God sends into our lives and ministries.

Celebrate well and enjoy because we have much for which to be grateful as a community!

Carol Mucha rsm


Blessings on all who work in Mercy's name on this Mercy Day.

May you be renewed in hope as you read about Mercy Week activities at our colleges and universities:

--from Moya K. Dittmeier and the Conference for Mercy Higher Education


This is the reason, the reason because mercy is mercy. Because is simple, because our passion is help, because makes the love move, because we can listen, because we can give a gentle touch, because we can give a kind word. The same as Catherine did and is still doing, drinking tea on a cloud.

Thank you.
Alicia Curi
Buenos Aires



To All Sisters, Associates, Volunteers and Staff

May Our Lady of Mercy and Catherine fill each one of you fill your hearts with there Peace and Love on this special day. Lets us remember the refugees around Our World on this Mercy Day and everyday. So lets us pray to Our Lord to give us peace and love to all. So Happy Mercy Day and God Bless to all.

Anne Simons
Mercy Associate
Canberra, Australia


Happy Mercy Day to all the Mercy Family!

Some of schools that I worked in as a teacher from 1966 were: St Michaels Otautau-now closed, St Patrick's Sth Dunedin-now closed, St Bernadette's Dunedin, St Francis Xavier's Dunedin, St Thomas's. Winton, St Gerard's Alexandra, St John's. Ranfurly, Sacred Heart School Waikiwi, St Patrick's Nightcaps and boarders mistress for the senior boarders at St Philomenas for two years.

Loved these missions, then in 1985 in December I was missioned to Chile to join the Rochester Sisters of Mercy Mission. I returned to NZ. from this amazing Mission in 1995 in Jan. with health issues which have continued to plague me.

Now I am working as a Volunteer co Ordinator of the Young Vinnies of Southland NZ where I have set up with the support of all the Catholic Schools in the South who want Young Vinnies in their school..... WOW! Not bad for a nearly 67 year old!

Love the Spirit of Catherine, the charism of Mercy and social justice.

Ann Kennelly


Greetings to all for whom Mercy Day is a special celebration.

Here in Bathurst, New South Wales the spring blossoms are beginning to show – a great sign of latent potential in everything.

The invitation is open for all the Sisters of Mercy to join us at St Joseph’s Mount Bathurst for a grand afternoon tea and a special screening of the short film which features the former novitiate and Congregational house in Bathurst.

May the symbolic opening of the doors at Baggot Street be echoed in the opening of our hearts and minds as we cross the threshold carrying mercy and compassion to and from the universe.

Mary-Ann Casanova rsj
Executive Director
Rahamim Ecology Centre


May your Mercy Day be filled with joy. We at McAuley High School in rural Missouri send greetings to all our Mercy schools whether Mercy owned, diocesan or historically Mercy.

Joan Schwager rsm



As we celebrate this Feast of Our Lady of Mercy 2015, let us pray that we Sisters of Mercy continue to be credible witnesses to mercy as we profess it and live it as the core of the revelation of Jesus Christ.

Mary Lyons rsm


As we prepare to celebrate a Holy Year of Mercy, I send all of our dear Sisters, Associates, Companions, and Volunteers sincere Mercy Greetings on this Mercy Day 2015.
May our God bless and keep us in the Spirit of Mercy!

Maria Cristina Caballero rsm


Warm wishes and abundant blessings to everyone in the Mercy Family and to all those in our world who are in need of our Mercy at this time.
Community C,


The schools served by the Network for Mercy Education share this Mercy Day in a commitment to further the charism of Mercy. We give thanks for this gift we share with Mercy schools all around the globe. We pray that Catherine McAuley will be with us all always.

Corinne Raven rsm

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