September 27, 2014

Shifting Our Consciousness

Editor. Today's theme marked a shift in the week's activities. From the telling and then the celebrating of our story, we took a further step forward. Together we opened up the theme of justice through ritual prayer, presentation and engagement sessions on two shared focus areas: Opposing Human Trafficking and Sustainable Development.

Sisters and Partners in Ministry from the 4 congregations of Australia and Papua New Guinea led us in a most moving ritual this morning. In hearing the stories they shared in this prayer time we 'met' some of the (estimated) 27 million victims of this crime across the globe. The presentation by Diablo which followed on further reinforced ' the privilege and responsibility of our call to prayerful and compassionate service of the most fragile and vulnerable.'

The afternoon commenced with Srs Patricia March and Monica Hickey from Newfoundland leading the assembly to deepen our consciousness of all creation. We were called on to 'proclaim God’s presence in all creation..and to respond in awe, praise and gratitude.'

This beautiful ritual laid a consciouness in us to listen with open hearts and minds to our 3 afternoon speakers: Carmel Bracken rsm, Sean McDonagh and Aedin McLoughlin. Their presentations both reminded and challenged us that we are intimately connected to all of creation, irrevocably part of the Web of Life'

May our listening and learning today 'Teach us to always walk gently upon Earth, honouring all creation with reverence.'(Newfoundland ritual)

Messages to: Mary Reynolds rsm - Executive Director MIA

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