May 31, 2003

Sister Kathrine Bellamy Honored

On May 29, 2002 Sister Kathrine Bellamy of St. John's, Newfoundland was inducted into the Hall of Honour, Music Category, of the Kiwanis Festival Association of St. John's. Sister Kathrine received the award in recognition of her contribution to the association over many years.

In the citation inducting her into the Hall of Honour, it was noted that she had been "a driving force for music in the city of St. John's" and "by striving for excellence in vocal production and for her ceaseless encouragement of her students to strive to do their very best with the talents God gave them, she contributed greatly to the success and growth of the Kiwanis Music Festival for many years." Special mention was made of Our Lady of Mercy School Glee Club which, under her direction, was the first Newfoundland choir to win the famed Mathieson Trophy in a Canadian National Music Festival competition.

Following the citation, Sister Kathrine was presented with a framed certificate, documenting her induction into the Hall of Honour.

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