February 19, 2007

Sister of Mercy of Newfoundland Honored

Sr Elizabeth Davis
Trudeau Foundation
- On November 30, 2006, Sister Elizabeth Davis was one of seven Canadians who were appointed as Trudeau Foundation mentors, individuals who work closely with outstanding doctoral candidates in the social sciences and humanities fields and who have been awarded Trudeau Scholarships. In announcing the appointments, the President of the Foundation noted that “these individuals have the ability to stand out as groundbreakers in their respective fields and transfer their remarkable experience, insight and enthusiasm to others.”

The Trudeau Foundation was established in 2002 with an endowment to honor the great humanitarian spirit of one of Canada’s former prime ministers, Pierre Elliot Trudeau. It provides fellowships to researchers, scholarships to gifted doctoral students and mentorships to outstanding professionals in the humanities and social sciences. The four key themes of the Foundation are human rights and social justice, responsible citizenship, Canada and the world, humans and their natural environment. The Foundation represents a neutral forum to address crucial societal issues and to foster a dialogue between scholars and policymakers in the arts community, business, government, the professions, and the voluntary sector.

Leadership Achievement Award - On October 18, 2006, the Society of Graduates in Health Policy, Management and Evaluation of the University Toronto presented Sister Elizabeth Davis with the Society’s 2006 Leadership Achievement Award in recognition of “significant contribution that she has made in the field of health policy, management and evaluation as demonstrated by her outstanding leadership and managerial skills”. Currently, Sister Elizabeth has several national positions, serving as President of the Medical Council of Canada; Chairperson of the Canadian Health Services Research Foundation; and Member of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada.

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