October 01, 2019

Sisters in Portland, Once Missioned to the Bahamas, Help Hurricane Victims There

Due to the special relationship between the sisters in Portland and the people of the Bahamas, where approximately 16 sisters previously served, the sisters are engaged in Hurricane Dorian relief efforts in the Caribbean country in a special way, says Sister Mary Miller, who ministered in the Bahamas intermittently for 26 years. “We are praying for the Bahamian people and collecting money among ourselves to send to the Nassau Diocese,” she says.

Archbishop Patrick Pinder of the Nassau Diocese recently emailed Sister Mary the following note: “Do keep us in your prayers. This is immense. The church in Treasure Cay is flattened. St. Francis de Sales School in Marsh Harbor is destroyed. People rendered homeless by the hurricane are now living in the church in Marsh Harbor. We have a huge task ahead of us and we cannot do it alone. We need a lot of outside help. I am deeply grateful for the thoughtfulness and generosity of the faithful of Maine.”

A Portland Diocese website article notes that the Portland Diocese has had a special relationship with the Nassau Diocese ever since Vatican II called Catholics to be “missionary.” The article states, “This relationship included a mission in the Bahamas that was staffed by the Sisters of Mercy of Portland.”

Sisters in Portland ask that all  Sisters, Associates and Companions hold the people of the Bahamas in their prayers.

Messages to: Catherine (Cathy) Walsh -Communications Specialist, Sisters of Mercy – Northeast Community

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