August 01, 2007

Sisters of Mercy Gather to Approve Governance Plan (Americas)

Approximately 500 Sisters of Mercy from 18 states, Guam and Jamaica, gathered July 26-28 at Xavier University in Cincinnati to discuss the proposed governance plan for their emerging South Central Community. They will gather again in July 2008 to elect their new leadership.

Sisters at Assembly

Larretta Rivera-Williams, North Carolina; Maria Rosario Gaite, Guam; Carolyn McWatters, North Carolina; Donella Hartman, St. Louis; Marian Arroyo, Guam; Sandy Prucha, St. Louis


Mary Prisca Pfeffer, Cincinnati, Mary Waskowiak, ILT, Mary Brian Rafferty, St. Louis

Discussing participative governance

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Messages to Stephanie Heiland
Director of Communications and Technology
Regional Community of St. Louis

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