November 19, 2013

Sisters of Mercy Ministry in the Philippines

Sisters of Mercy Philippines

Sisters of Mercy have been present in the Philippines since 1954 when six Sisters of Mercy arrived in Tacloban City from Cork, Ireland. The Sisters from this foundation became an autonomous congregation, the Religious Sisters of Mercy, Tacloban Philippines, in 1981. They have 47 Filipino members, all of whom live and minister in the Philippines.This group of Sisters is in the centre of the devastation. Their newly constructed hospital, their schools and college and their Convent are badly damaged.
A second foundation was established in the Philippines in 1957 when four Sisters of Mercy from Buffalo, New York, USA, went to Tubod, Lanao del Norte on the island of Mindanao (the southernmost of the three island regions). The Sisters from this foundation belong to the Institute of the Sisters of Mercy of the Americas, NYPPaW Community (New York, Pennsylvania, and Pacific West Community). There are 41 NYPPaW members living and ministering in the Philippines.


The following is an overview of the Ministry of the Sisters of Mercy (both groups) in the Philippines

Health Care: Tacloban training hospital; Mercy Community Hospital and Nurse training School, Mindanao; Mercy Mobile Clinic, McAuley Clinic providing basic health education, nutrition education, provision of nutritious food to pregnant mothers and support in caring for malnourished children

Housing: A housing programme for employees of the Mercy Community Hospital in Mindanao

Education: Up to a dozen school clusters provide Kindergarten, Elementary, Secondary, tertiary and post graduate facilities

Social Services: Safe homes and supportive services for women and children fleeing violence; feeding programme for children and elderly who are economically poor; a livelihood programme for women who are unemployed and shelter assistance for people who are homeless.

Spiritual Services: A spiritual Leadership programme teaching skills in counselling and Spiritual Direction. A Religious education programme for women and a prayer centre.

Justice and Peace Programme: Consciousness raising in building a transformed society; Advocating the dignity and significant role of the poor; coordinating and supporting other groups and organizations working for the welfare and betterment of the poor, deprived, oppressed and exploited.

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