September 09, 2018

Sisters of Mercy of Alma, Michigan Visit Mercy International Centre

Holding Catherine's rosary, ring and crucifix

Recently our local community of Sisters of Mercy of Alma, Michigan were able to take a pilgrimage to Ireland and have accommodation at Mercy International Centre in Dublin. Three of our Sisters professed their perpetual vows in August and as their gift to the community, they arranged for Masses at the tombs (or other special places) of our Constitution Saints that were in and around Rome. Since we currently are assigned to Rome this was very doable. Our last stop on this spiritual pilgrimage was to Ireland where we prayed at Mother Catherine's tomb and the tomb of St. Patrick, St. Brigid and St. Columba in Downpatrick.

Being able to stay at the first Home of Mercy of the Religious Sisters of Mercy was a complete joy and privilege! What a gift to be able to stay where Mother Catherine and those first Sisters of Mercy lived, prayed, extended the spiritual and corporal works of mercy and recreated! Not to mention that Mother Catherine is buried in the back with many of the early Sisters. We received a beautiful tour from Sr. Anna and were shown such hospitality from everyone that would make Mother Catherine proud. One of the highlights was when the Sisters most graciously opened up the archives and allowed us to hold Mother Catherine's ring, her crucifix, and her rosary.

Close up of Catherine's rosary, ring and crucifix

While in Dublin, we also visited and prayed at St. Teresa's Church on Clarendon St. where the first Sisters of Mercy are buried.

Along with being able to stay at Baggot Street, we also visited other ancient holy sites of the Irish in County Donegal. We visited Doon Mass Rock and Holy Well, both important to the Irish, and which continue to be places of pilgrimage. Doon Mass Rock is where priests celebrated Mass in secret during the penal years.

Our trip was a prayerful and inspiring time that brought us back to the roots of the Sisters of Mercy and for some of us, our ancestors who emigrated from Ireland to the United States and Canada. We continue to delight in the graces and blessings we received on this trip.

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