April 18, 2016

Small Farmers: April Prayer Intention of Pope Francis

We are all invited to join with Pope Francis and his worldwide prayer network in praying this month's intention: Small Farmers: 'That small farmers may receive a just reward for their precious labor.'.

Text of the Prayer Intention:

'I thank you, small farmer. What you do is essential for the life of all. As a person, as a child of God, you deserve a decent life.
But I wonder: how is your work compensated?
This earth is a gift from God. It is not right to exploit it for the benefit of just a few, depriving the great majority of their rights and benefits.
Please consider adding your voice to mine in this prayer: that small farmers may receive just compensation for their invaluable work.'

Forthcoming Prayer Intention:

Pope Francis' remaining prayer intentions for 2016 will include:  greater respect for women and indigenous peoples; helping sports contribute to peace; encouraging journalists to respect truth and be more ethical; greater support for countries that take in refugees; and an end to the use of child soldiers.

Pope's Intentions for 2016

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