February 28, 2012

Soup and Substance Lenten Programme (1): Let’s Live Lent!

At the first Soup and Substance, Sheila Crowley of Ruhama presented trafficking for sexual exploitation as a contemporary form of slavery. Human trafficking for sexual exploitation is growing in Ireland. Over the past decade Ireland has become both a transit route and a destination point for sex trafficking.

MIA is focusing on trafficking because –

  1. Trafficking is a major issue confronting mainly women and most severely affects women and the poor and vulnerable
  2. Sisters of Mercy are already doing substantial work to combat trafficking
  3. The European Union the United Nations are focusing on Trafficking as a priority issue and MIA can influence them

You are invited to watch an excerpt of Shelia's presentation on human trafficking, view her power point presentation, and prayerfully reflect on this topic using the handout distributed at the gathering in Dublin.

Sheila Crowley, Ruhama
Participants at the Mercy International Association Lenten meeting

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