March 06, 2012

Soup and Substance Lenten Programme (2): Let’s Live Lent!

Mercy International Association held its second gathering of the Soup and Substance Lenten programme on 1st March 2012. In the second session, Mary Ryan rsm, a member of the Congregation of the Sisters of Mercy (Ireland), led the group through a reflective meditation on the Way of the Cross juxtaposed with the life and death of a trafficked woman named Liliana. Mary also presented the personal stories of survivors of human trafficking as told to the United Nations.

Mary Ryan rsm works through Ruhama with women who have been trafficked and advocates against human trafficking through APT: Act to Prevent Trafficking.

The video of the presentation includes excerpts from the Way of the Cross and the Story of Liliana. The full text of the Way of the Cross and Liliana’s Story is accessible for your personal prayer and meditation. If you would like to use this version of the Stations of the Cross with a group in your area, a printer-ready booklet and PDF is included for your use. These materials were published by the Sisters of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary (Ireland and England) and are approved for redistribution.

You may also want to view the five and a half minute video of the report of survivors of human trafficking to the United Nations.

Last year’s Soup and Substance Lenten Programme held by Mercy International Association also featured a presentation on opposing human trafficking. You may like to watch the video of this presentation by Sheila O’Gorman rsm. In total, 535 people have watched the various videos of the 2011 Soup and Substance Lenten Programme in addition to the people who attended the series in Dublin.

After listening to the stories of human trafficking, you are invited to engage the stories in prayer using the following questions:

  • What do you feel as a result of this input?
  • Can you name your reaction?
  • Can you identify your attitude?
  • Can you identify where you could take action?

You may like to respond with an action that is a change of attitude, of heart, of mind, of policy, and/or of funding priorities.

Messages to: Mary Purcell


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