August 24, 2009

Stand Up, Take Action (MIC)

Join the Global movement to end poverty and achieve the Millenium Development Goals.

In 2006, 23 million people stood up, in 2007 47 million people, last year 116 million people Stood Up and Took Action. Let's break the record again this year and send a louder message than ever - achieve the Millennium Developments.

October 16th, 17th, 18th, 2009: From 12 a.m. GMT (relevant local time) on the 16th October to 11.39 p.m. GMT (relevant local time) on the 18th October

Wherever people who want to be involved in the fight against poverty and support the achievement of the MDGs are.

Stand Up, Take Action, End Poverty Now! A three day mobilization to send a loud and clear message from citizens to leaders of rich and poor countries to take urgent action to achieve the MDGs. And once again break the Guinness World Record. Participants will need to register their event at before the start of the mobilization and then to report their numbers after they have taken part. Numbers will be counted and verified by Guinness World Records.

Messages to Deirdre Mullan rsm Director MIC

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