June 06, 2018

Supporting Efforts to Reduce Plastic Pollution: World Oceans Day and Beyond

Image: © 2018 MIA

Garbage/Pollution was one of the significant issues raised during MIRP, with groups from 8 Mercy Congregations and Institutes reporting their reflections and actions to address this important issue (MIRP Report, p.6).

Single-use plastic has been identified as one of the critical environmental issues of our time, affecting the health of land, oceans, wildlife and ourselves. 

Movement continues to grow globally among governments and lawmakers—the latest being the EU— to ban single-use plastic items, and for businesses to provide compostable or reusable alternatives to plastic bags and plastic straws.  To help end plastic pollution, you are invited to take action: watch the impact on oceans,  sign a petition, say no to straws,  take the 4R pledge, take the journey away from plastic.

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