September 20, 2011

Take Action on Climate Change for Mercy Day, 24 September 2011

Mercy Day, celebrated on 24 September each year, is close to the heart of all Mercy Sisters and our Associates.

Stop Climate Change

As you are probably now aware, Cosmology and Environment are priority issues for Mercy International Association’s Global Action and this Mercy Day we are asking you to focus on Climate Change. MIA is facilitating the sending of sisters to the UN Climate Change Conference in Durban, South Africa in November and we are lobbying there for climate justice and for provision of adequate resources to prevent climate change affecting people around the world.

This year Mercy Day coincides with the Moving Planet Project of website, which is an international campaign dedicated to building a movement to unite the world around solutions to the climate crisis. Moving Planet is an international effort, on behalf of Earth’s Climate, with participants from all around the globe taking part. It aims at moving us all beyond our dependence on fossil fuels (see One phrase goes ‘let’s move the planet in the right direction’.

The Moving Planet call is to take action by going on foot, by bike, skateboard or other forms of non-oil transport, to show our political and civic leaders that we, global citizens, want real solutions to the climate crisis. We, Mercy Sisters, realise more and more that the effects of Climate Change is at the root of many of the crisis and disasters that are experienced by many poor people with whom we work throughout the world. Drought in the Horn of Africa is one such disaster.

How can Mercy contribute to the Moving Planet initiative?

  • Visit Moving Planet website, and read Frequently Asked Questions
  • Check out the Moving Planet videos, also on Face book and You Tube
  • Take part in the on-line campaign
  • Find out what is happening in your own country or district
  • Initiate your own action with others and sign up as an Event. Some are planning an Awareness Raising event e.g. focusing on reducing consumption, promoting sustainable resources or local food, or planting trees.

Moving Planet is a global initiative to highlight in a global manner the importance of governments, political and civic leaders taking decisive action to lower the carbon count in the atmosphere.

In supporting the Moving Planet project Mercy would be joining other faith-based groups in highlighting the urgency of global action on climate, especially action by governments and elected representatives everywhere. You can check out the endorsing organisations from around the world on the website.
Moving Planet may help us to move Mercy! It may help us to see the impact Mercy can have when we move together as Mercy Global Action.

We wish you all a very happy and exciting Mercy Day on 24 September.

Please keep us informed if you are taking action.

The Global Action Team at Mercy International Association

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