March 12, 2014

Team Members at Mercy International Centre 1994-

Team: 'A group of people with a full set of complementary skills required to complete a task, job, or project.'

The list of MIC team members is testimony to the large number of Sisters from around the world who have generously contributed to enfleshing the outcomes of the seminal question, posed by Mary Trainer rsm, almost a quarter of a century ago - Have you a dream for Baggot Street?

We have checked our records as carefully as we can and our hope is that we have recorded all past Team members. Should you miss any name, please blame our records, not our hearts and do let us know!

  •  Ursula Gilbert (Aus)
  •  Josephine Grey (Irl)
  •  Marion (Mercedes) McCarthy (G.B.)
  •  Elizabeth McCaver (Auck NZ)
  •  Marguerite Fortier (US)
  •  Marita Mullins (Aus)
  •  Peggy Cleary (Irl)
  •  Nancy Whitley (US)
  •  Eleanor Little (US)
  •  Clare Setright (Irl)
  •  Agnes Gleeson (Aus)
  •  Patricia March (NF)
  •  Ruth Mulligan (US)
  •  Pauline Clifford (US)
  •  Helen White (Aus)
  •  Breda Burke (Irl)
  •  Rosie Carroll (Aus)
  •  Miriam de Lourdes (US)
  •  Monica Hickey (NF)
  •  Mary McEnearney (Aus)
  •  Marian Rankin (Irl)
  •  Faith Jones (Aus)
  •  Maureen McGarrigle (US)
  •  Joanne Courneen (US)
  •  Barb Stinard (US)
  •  Patricia Tully (Aus)
  •  Mary Ann Malasics (US)
  •  Colette Baldwin (US)
  •  Pat Wood (Aus)
  •  Anne Reid (Irl)
  •  Mary Gormley  RIP (ANZ)
  •  Lee Guirreri (US)
  •  Christine Belling (Aus)
  •  Lucille Bonvouloir (US)
  •  Rose Schoolcraft (US)
  •  Margaret Tallan (Aus)
  •  Rosemary Revell (NZ)
  •  Evelyn Doyle (Irl)
  •  Genie Guterch (US)
  •  Margaret Brennan (GB)
  •  Paula Diann Marlin (USA).

Messages to: Mary Reynolds rsm - Executive Director MIA

Image: MIC Team Members ready for the 2009 Flora Women's Mini Marathon

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