March 13, 2020

Temporary Closure of Mercy International Centre Due to COVID-19 Virus

You will be saddened but not surprised to learn that we have closed 64A Baggot Street for two working weeks from Friday 13 March to Monday 30 March in response to the COVID-19 virus.  On Thursday 12 March the Government in Ireland closed schools and colleges for two weeks, and advised all public places, with the exception of those providing essential services, to close.  Even without this advice we might have needed to make the temporary closure as a result of the multiple cancellations we have experienced.  Dublin is exceptionally quiet and it is a rather eerie feeling.

We will be keeping the situation under constant review as we move into what will be a difficult and unpredictable period.  We deeply regret the need to lay off staff for any period.  It is by no means impossible that further closures will be inevitable.   At times it is good for any of us to recognise and experience our powerlessness. 

This is not the message we would wish to send on St Patrick’s Day but it is our current reality.  The inconvenience is real but we know well that our situation does not compare with that of the huge number of people who are experiencing grief and loss and they see their loved ones suffering and dying from this virus.  As we celebrate in our hearts all that St Patrick means to us, we pray we will be alert to the needs of those around us and supportive of them in whatever ways are available to us.  We pray also for all those health care workers and age care workers who are selflessly doing their best to care for us all. 

— Berneice

Berneice Loch rsm

Chief Executive Officer, Mercy International Association

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