August 24, 2010

The commencement of the tenth year of Mercy E-News

This, the 379th edition, marks the commencement of the tenth year of the weekly Mercy E- News.

The first issue of Mercy eNews was published on August 20th, 2001. That first issue - text only- was emailed to 100 Sisters of Mercy for whom there were known email addresses. An invitation had been sent out the previous week to invite contributions to a 'regular weekly Mercy email' to 'help build a global sense of Mercy' and to promote the website ' as a place for informing sisters around the world of current Mercy events'. There are now many thousands of readers in the 47 countries where Sisters of Mercy and their co-workers minister  and Mercy eNews continues to be a significant means of communication between Mercy Sisters, their associates and co-workers, facilitated by the built-in email links that accompany each item.

All issues of Mercy E-News are archived on the website where they can be viewed online.

Any member of any Mercy congregation/institute can also submit an item of interest to Mercy worldwide for consideration for publication and All members of the Mercy network are eligible to receive Mercy eNews. Subscribe online to either the HTML (in colour, with pictures) or text (text only) version.

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