November 19, 2017

The Holon, the Butterfly and the Global Heart: An Exploration of Symbols

Editor: In the MIRP 6 Month Update, Sisters and partners- in- Mercy were encouraged to explore one of the three symbols from the MIRP Report pps 15-16 (the holon, the butterfly or the global heart), to creatively deepen the image (in poetry, in painting, in sculpture...) and to share their artistic work with the Mercy world.

A number of creative pieces, including the one shown here, have been received from individuals and circle groups in Newfoundland.

We welcome more creative contributions from your contemplative engagement for sharing with the Mercy world.

Messages to: Mercy International Reflection Process Continuation Group (Elizabeth Davis rsm, Mary Reynolds rsm, Anne Walsh)

Contributions to: Anne Walsh - Director MIRP Communications


Created by Brenda Peddigrew rsm and Andrea Percy


Created by the Kathrine Bellamy Circle Group - members are Sisters Georgina Quick, Maura Mason, Geraldine Mason, Ruth Beresford, Anita Best, Josette Hutchings, Maureen Lawlor, Margie Taylor and Rosemary Ryan


Created by Eileen Penney rsm and twin sister Catherine Ryan

Quilling is the craft of each segment



Created by Srs Alverna Harnett, Theresa Boland, Loretta Walsh, Frances Flynn, Marcella Grant, Dolorosa Brennan, Eileen Penney




Created by Srs Mary Tee, Irene Neville, Monica Hickey, Patricia Maher, Theresa March, Diane Smyth


Created by Kitty's Companion Associates - Ida Bruce, Sylvia Flood, Anna Kelly, Marie Roche, Catherine Foster, Lucy Parrott, Joan Cummins, Ann Hickey, Joan Tizzard, Eleanor Nolan and facilitator Sister Margie Taylor

This flag with its symbols of butterflies
and significant words captures for us
some of the elements of
Mercy Global Presence

It was prepared by "Kitty's Companion
in Newfoundland and Labrador.



Created by Loretta Dower rsm



Created by Srs Glayds Bozec, Ellen Marie Sullivan, Barbara Kenny, Dorothy Willcott





Created by Anonymous



Messages to Sisters of Mercy Newfoundland c/- Diane Smyth rsm - Congregation Leadership Team

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