February 28, 2018

'The One Who Brings Trees Brings Life' (The Congregation)

Sabon Rayuwa is a Learning Centre for Earth Studies on the outskirts of Yola town in North Eastern Nigeria. Here, Sr. Maire McGann R.I.P devoted the last twenty years of her life promoting and demonstrating organic farming methods. She also ensured that endangered indigenous trees were planted.

Image: Young Moringa Tree. iStock. Used under licence

Over that time and in particular in the last ten years, people here are noticing that something drastic is happening to the environment. The rivers are polluted, drains are clogged with plastic, the towns are filled with exhaust fumes and trees and plants arebecoming endangered species. Understandably, there is great fear that further extinction of indigenous trees can trigger even more climatic changes, cause a decline in soil fertility and so threaten food sources.

In response to the terrible things happening to the environment around her, Maire (R.I.P) assisted to plant and nurture seventeen species of trees in Sabon Rayuwa Centre. Nigerians say: “the one who brings trees brings life.” So, Maire has left here a life-giving and enduring legacy...

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Editor: Sisters of Mercy have had a ministry presence in Nigeria since 1969. Today they are based in Yola, Adamawa State and Minna in Niger State. More about their presence in Nigeria can be found here


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