December 18, 2015

The Opening of the Local 'Door of Mercy' in Longford Cluster, Co. Longford, Ireland

On receiving the Prayer Ritual for the opening of the door of Mercy, sent to us from the MIA, Sisters Rosarii and Mary set the necessary preparations in motion and all (thirty approximately) Sisters in our cluster (1) were enthusiastic and responded generously.

L-rt: Srs. Brigid Clyne, Kathleen Rogers, Mary Walsh, Rosarii Beirne, Margaret Oate, Regina Murphy

On Sunday 13 December at 6.30pm we all gathered in the reception room and area facing the fittingly decorated Mercy door. Sisters Mary and Rosarii led us through the opening Ritual.

Ritual centrepiece
Musician: Sr Clare McNamara
L-r: Srs. De Chantal Gilfillan, Felicitas Geraghty, Brigid Grehan.Reader: Sr. Magdalen McGarry, on her left Sr.Elizabeth O’Neill

Then the door of Mercy was opened widely and  all filed through and up the corridor to the community room, singing 'The Mercy Anthem'. There we listened to the passage from 'Misericordiae Vultus' and responded with a triple 'Alleluia'. Matthew’s Gospel passage, the Reflections and then the Intercessions were all read by different sisters. There was much to ponder and reflect on and it was evident that each one had taken ownership of the entire experience of opening our Mercy door, with its implications for us and for our ministry.

L-rt: Srs. Felicitas, De Chantal, Peggy Walsh, Dorothy Geraghty, Brigid Grehan, Brenda Mannion, Elizabeth O’Neill, Maura Brid McGarry

After a brief pause we sang the remaining three verses of 'What Mercy yet May be'. It was a very prayerful and profound community experience of the meaning of the Jubilee Year of Mercy and its implications for us as Mercy Sisters.... a call to Renewal.

L-r: Srs. Margaret Oates, Evangelist Tiernan, Elizabeth McNamee, Brigid Clyne, Beatrice Ruddy, Regina Murphy

Afterwards we relaxed together and chatted as we enjoyed some light refreshments.

Our gratitude to MIA for the prayer ritual for the Opening of local Mercy Doors!

Messages to: Mary Walsh rsm

(1) A cluster is a group of Sisters in an area, some in community and some who live singly, who come together to engage in provincial and congregational processes and to support one another. They also come together to celebrate.


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