September 26, 2001

The Second Mercy International Justice Conference

Conference Goals

To share the Earth Story, exploring its implications for all creation and recognising its particular ramifications for us as a group of Mercy women.

  • To learn about the reality or each of the areas where Sisters of Mercy live - Africa, Asia-Pacific, Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean and North America.
  • To deepen our understanding of the process of globalisation and its impact on poor people and the environment, especially the role of transnational corporations and the mechanism of debt.
  • To share information about how we are responding to the challenges of globalisation.
  • To formulate action plans that can be implemented in each area.
  • To work to strengthen the organisational structure and facilitate communication at the Geographic Area and International levels.

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Those who gathered at the Sizanani Centre for the Conference were:

Sr Patricia Fox from Australia who attended part of the Conference as the Mercy International Association (MIA) representative and Sr Ethel Bignell as the MIA Executive Director. Wendy Flannery and Deirdre Mullan will be came from Mercy Global Concern (MGC). Adele Howard, Australia, gave input and training in information technology. (See Asia Pacific group photo, below). She is a member of the MIA Communications Group. Filip Fanchette from Mauritius also gave input.

Our facilitators were Mary Waskowiak, North America and Goretti Rule, South Africa.
The translators were Cecilia Heduan from Argentina and Cait Wims from Peru (see the Latin America and Caribbean photo, below).

Representatives from the Africa Geographical Area were:

Africa Representatives

Back from left: Goretti Kelleher (Nigeria), Therese Stritch, Vincent Finnerty (Kenya), Winnie Njugana (Kenya), Peter Doyle (South Africa), Immaculata Devine (South Africa), Agnes Crowley, Barbara Dooley (Kenya), Matshie Ntshwane (South Africa)
Front: Anne Itotia (Ireland, Europe group), Mirriam Senatsi, Goretti Rule (South Africa), Angela Hartigan (Kenya, Focal Point Person)

Those who represented the Asia-Pacific Geographical Area and other groups were:

Asia - Pacific group

Back from left: Adele Howard (MIA Communications Group), Trinie Pangelinan (Guam), Schola Fakiwi (Papua New Guinea), Elizabeth Ihaka (Aotearoa/NZ), Maria Villegas (Philippines), Julie Anne Ryan (Papua New Guinea), Clare Pierson (Aotearoa/NZ, Focal Point Person), Ethel Bignell (Aotearoa/NZ, MIA Executive Director)
Front: Kathy Lynch (Aotearoa/NZ), Helen Kearins, Helen Owens (Australia) Imakulata Lafaele (Samoa), Wendy Flannery (New York, Mercy Global Concern), Rose Palacio (Philippines) Senolita Vakata, (Tonga), Helen Stannard (Australia)

Participants from the Europe Geographical Area:

Europe group

Back from left: Mary Feane (England), Agatha Collopy (England), Mary De Largy (Ireland), Suzanne Ryder (Ireland, Focal Point Person), Patricia Mc Mahon (England).
Front: Ann Scully, Anne Itotia (Ireland), Brendan Ryan (England), May Lynam (Ireland), Lynda Dearlove (England)

Participants and Translators from the Latin America and Caribbean Area were:

Latin America Group

Left to right: Cecilia Heduan (Argentina, translator), Cait Wims (Peru, translator), Graciela Ridao, (Argentina), Dina Altamiranda (Panama), Deborah Watson (Peru, Focal Point Person), Rosa Silva (Peru), Shirley Chung (Jamaica), Gay Kieran (Brazil)

From the North America Geographical Area the following were participants:

North America group

Left to right: Vicky Arndorfer (IOWA), Eileen Hogan (New York), Alicia Linehan (New Foundland), Gilmary Bauer (USA), Karen Donahue (Chicago, Focal Point Person), Tina Geiger (USA).
Rose Palacio (Philippines) and Trinie Pangelinan (Guam) are in the Asia-Pacific Photo (above).

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