July 21, 2014

The Story of the Creation of the Original MIC and MIA logos

Editor: As part of this anniversary issue we asked Anne McMillan rsm (ISMAPNG) to share with readers the story of how she came to create the original MIC and MIA logos.

It was late in 1993, the year prior to the Opening of MIC. A logo had been commissioned in Ireland but the result was not all the First Team had hoped it would be. A logo after all provides a visual expression of an organisation and it was felt that what was received didn't capture the meaning and spirit of Baggot Street.

The decision was taken for the Team Members to contact the members of their own congregations who did any sort of artwork and ask them if they could consider the task and provide some thoughts in response.

Ursula Gilbert rsm contacted Anne McMillan rsm and asked her if she would respond

Sr Anne did a pencil drawing then left it aside, thinking no more about it. In December Ursula contacted Anne again to inquire if she had any thoughts to share. Hearing that Anne had a pencil drawing of some initial ideas she requested that she fax that through to them in Baggot Street. Some time passed then Anne was asked to prepare her design for print.

There'd been no brief and it wasn't a competition. All that was requested was that the Mercy cross somehow be included. The result is as seen in the image here.

A few years later Anne was asked to design a logo for MIA. That original MIA logo (below left) was in use until 2009 when Fraynework was commissioned to redevelop the mercyworld.org website. As part of that project MIA was rebranded both online and in print materials and the logo was updated (below right)

The current MIA logo continues to hold the cross at its centre. It emphasises our global identity, stresses engagement with the world where it is firmly planted and speaks to us clearly of a world in need of God's mercy.

                  Original MIA Logo
                   Current MIA logo


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