June 17, 2014

The Work of Global Justice - My Memories: Dale Jarvis rsm

My memories of the work of Justice for MIA began long before the formation of Mercy Global Concern at the United Nations and our global networking with Mercy International Justice Network.

 Dale Jarvis rsm

In June 1996, thirty six Sisters of Mercy from across the Mercy World came together at Baggott Street, in Dublin. These women came from Australia, Brazil, Canada, Great Britain, Ireland, Kenya, New Zealand, Nigeria, the Philippines, South Africa, the United States and Western Samoa. The impetus for the meeting was the growing awareness of the systemic roots of poverty and injustice which can no longer be addressed adequately on the local or national level.

Over the next four years, four Sisters selected for the specific task of building the networking system had the following tasks to develop. They were:

1. Facilitate networking within a Nodular (Global) system
2. Establish communications channels
3. Liaise with Mercy International Association
4. Develop criteria for evaluating the networking

The four Sisters chosen to work together and build the network were: Wendy Flannery, (Australia), Patricia Hartigan and Dale Jarvis, (USA) and Suzanne Ryder (Ireland).

It was the work of this Core Group that eventually generated the work of Sisters of Mercy at Mercy Global Concern at the United Nations and the Mercy International Justice Network.


                      Mercy International Justice Conference Participants, Mercy International Centre 1996

What is just as important as these two international structures, is that both came from the vision of the 36 Sisters in the summer of 1996, who had a vision and voiced their passion for Mercy and Justice. The Preamble written by these women reflected the vision and living spirit of Catherine McAuley alive from all over the world. Their Preamble said:

As Sisters of Mercy, we have the passion, power and responsibility to effect transformation for mercy and justice in our world.

We affirm as a sign of our time the emergence of our interdependence and an international identity that impels us to act in solidarity with one another to do the work of justice.

This work of justice is grounded in our fundamental option for women and those who are economically poor and vulnerable. It entails restoring right relationships with God, people, and the earth, and working in collaboration with others for systemic change.1

Since 1996, we have seen the work of Global Justice grow. I am proud to have been part of this reality, and continue to be woman of Mercy and a woman of Justice, a daughter of Catherine McAuley.

Messages to: Dale Jarvis rsm

1. 1996 Mercy International Justice Conference, Mercy International Centre, Dublin, Ireland

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