February 08, 2017

Third World Day of Prayer, Reflection and Action Against Trafficking in Persons

Editor: Today, 8 February, Feast of St Bakhita (1869-1947), is the World Day of Prayer, Reflection, and Action Against Trafficking in Persons.

The theme of this year's feast day, 'They are children! Not slaves!', has been set by Talitha Kum, the international network of Consecrated Life against trafficking in persons. The International Labour Organisation' estimation that 1.2 million children are trafficked each year is the accepted reference. Children and adolescents are trafficked for sexual exploitation, domestic servitude, forced marriage, illegal adoptions, forced labour, removal ('harvesting') of organs, begging, child soldiers, drug smuggling and witchcraft.

Opposing human trafficking is a focus issue of MIA with Sisters of Mercy, Associates and our partners-in-Ministry actively involved in organisations opposing trafficking in persons. See the complete list here.

In keeping with the aim of the day, this issue of Mercy eNews provides opportunities for prayer and reflection and invitations to action.

Messages to: MIA Working Group on Human Trafficking c/- Denise Boyle fmdm, Mercy Global Action

Image: St Bakhita

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