July 23, 2014

This Was the Day: Opening of Mercy International Centre, 23 July 1994

'Welcome! Welcome to the home of Catherine McAuley on Baggot Street, Dublin. Today is a very special day for Mercy Sisters and lay Associates all over the world...'


With these words of welcome the video of the 1994 Opening of Baggot Street begins. With these words of welcome we invite you now to watch the events of that day as part of our shared preparation for the week of celebration in September.


The video (39:13) is a continuous play with the 3 aspects of the day included. Voiceover is by Kath Burke rsm (Brisbane Congregation). Sound is excellent.

Running times for each section of the video are:

  • The Opening of the Centre: sound commences at 00:12
     President Robinson's address commences at 17.40 and concludes at 22:42
  • Mass at St Andrew's Church Westland Row: commences at 32:19
  • Dinner celebrations at University College Dublin commence at 36:14 and concludes at 39:13

 Messages to: Mary Reynolds rsm - Executive Director MIA

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