May 30, 2018

Tribute Paid in Scottish Parliament to Mercy Project in its Jubilee Year

Editor: The Mercy Project at St Catharine's convent Edinburgh in Scotland is 'a place of Hospitality, Support, Prayer, Friendship and Oasis for all those in need'. Staffed by a rota of about 100 volunteers and used by up to 200 people a day, the Mercy Project celebrates its silver anniversary this year. 'On the surface Edinburgh may seem like a city of wealth, but most people who come in here are in broken relationships and everybody who comes in here is in need and the greatest need is often the need for friendship. They come here to get away from loneliness, to find a listening ear,' said Sr Aelred who established the Centre.

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Last month, Ruth Davidson, leader of the Scottish Conservatives and Member of the Scottish Parliament (MSP) for Edinburgh Central, put forward the following motion (Motion S5M-11775) which was published on the Scottish Parliament Website:

“That the Parliament recognises the contribution of the Mercy Project, which is run by the Sisters of Mercy at St Catharine’s Convent in Edinburgh, and is marking its silver jubilee, following its launch in April 1993; understands that the project offers meals, friendship and broad practical support to homeless and other marginalised citizens, and commends what it sees as the ongoing commitment and efforts of the convent, and the project’s diverse body of local and international volunteers and third-sector partners, in the mission to alleviate homelessness and social deprivation in communities.”

The motion has been supported by 25 other Members of the Scottish Parliament.

Messages to Aelred Timmins rsm - Director (GB Union)

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