August 10, 2020

Update on Mercy International Association Activities

The red doors are open again at 64a Baggot Street!  While we do not expect the usual number of people for this time of year to be coming through them, we look forward to welcoming those who can visit. 

We are negotiating uncertainties and restrictions as you all are doing in different countries, on different continents, in different climates.  It is impossible not to be very conscious of the many blessings in our lives as we gain some awareness of the suffering others endure in this pandemic.  

Programmes:  One of the significant activities of Mercy International Association has been the programmes that have been offered at Mercy International Centre.  Due to the pandemic all remaining programmes for 2020 and early 2021 have had to be cancelled. As it now stands, we hope to offer programmes in the second half of 2021, despite the limitations, and we are staying alert to the changing situations across the world. 

The virtual tours continue to be well received and provide one way in which access to this special site has been possible through the past few months.

A new initiative is that MIA will be offering a Virtual Conference in November 2021.  Planning is underway and we are hoping to involve many Sisters, Associates and Partners in Mercy in what we hope might be the first of many similar ventures.  We will keep you posted.

MIA remains ready to offer a warm welcome to those individuals and groups who are able to come and visit the Centre to be renewed and inspired in their Mercy journey.  We will do whatever we can to fit in with needs and expectations to ensure that the visit is memorable.  

Staff:  MIA Dublin staff are mostly back at 64a Lower Baggot Street with some working from home at times.  We have been joined in the last few weeks by Siobhan Golden, newly appointed Mercy Global Action Intern from the West of Ireland, who is unable to relocate to New York at this stage.  We are delighted to have her with us.  Angela Reed rsm continues to work from Melbourne, and Anna Nicholls rsm from Auckland. MGA staff are still working from home in New York. 

The House: Groups can book meeting spaces here, but Bed and Breakfast will not be able to be offered for at least the rest of 2020. 

Uncertainty continues to be the only certainty.  With many others, we wonder what will emerge as the “new normal” and hope we will be sufficiently alert and discerning to recognise how that can serve God’s Mission of Mercy to which we are all called.

Messages to: Berneice Loch rsm - CEO Mercy International Centre

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