March 24, 2020

Update on the Impact of the COVID-19 Virus Pandemic on Activities at Mercy International Centre

You will not be surprised to learn that we need to announce that Mercy International Centre (MIC) is closed until further notice.  The response of the authorities here in Ireland is continuing to grow in complexity with churches, pubs and restaurants all closing for the most part.  Dublin is very, very quiet as a result. Some of you will be aware that Margaret Scroope and I were really sorry to farewell our Australian volunteers, Deslie Falls and Bernadette Ahearn, who have just arrived back home.  They were a great help during the initial days of the crisis and will be missed.

Governments world-wide are taking different but similar measures to protect their people in so far as they can, and we need to be part of that effort even in very small ways.  You might be interested to learn that in spite of being closed we are allowing MIC meeting rooms to be used by the Department of Health who are in desperate need of meeting space and who are just a few doors away from here.  It is a very small response but an effort to be helpful none the less.

We know there are many Sisters and Mercy Associates and Ministry Colleagues involved in making a response in all sort of ways.  We pray particularly for those involved in the Health Ministry which has such a critical role to play, and all those helping people deal with their worries and concerns in so many unforeseen circumstances.  May we all be guided to know how to support when we can.

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