September 10, 2008

Urgent Request for Help in Haiti

Most of us are aware that the people of Haiti are the poorest in our hemisphere and many of us know that the depth of suffering in Haiti receives little attention in our media. Hurricanes Gustav and Hannah have ravaged Haiti and urgent help is needed. To make matters worse, the country sits in danger of further devastation from the next two hurricanes in the Atlantic.

Today, an urgent appeal for help was sent to us through Bill Canny, the Director of Catholic Relief Services in Haiti. A copy of the appeal from the Bishop of Gonaives, Haiti is attached.

Global Health Ministry is joining peer organizations across Catholic Healthcare to urge their colleagues and associates to respond immediately to the extent possible to this appeal. Global Health Ministry will be sending a medical team to Haiti in October and we are currently collecting medicines and donations we will hand carry. We know that our team will encounter overwhelming circumstances. Most of the medicines needed for the team have already been donated by CHE facilities. Cash donations are the most urgent need at this time. You can donate directly to CRS or to Global Health Ministry in the following ways:

Donate directly to Catholic Relief Services (CRS)
Click the "Donate" tab on the lead page and follow directions to send donations via email, US Mail or by phone. If donating on line, please fill in box at bottom of info page next to "Special Request", write: Haiti Hurricane Relief

Donate directly to Global Health Ministry

Click "Make a Donation" in the middle of the lead page.
Follow the directions to mail or call in a donation, or donate on line via PayPal by clicking the "Make a Donation" button. Once you enter the amount of your donation and your data, go to the review page - at the top left hand corner of the review page, click on "+Donate for Someone Special". Please fill in "Haiti Hurricane Relief".

Please feel free to pass on this information in any form that will encourage a response.
Thank you for your attention to this request and whatever response you can give at this time.



From: William CANNY
Sent: Friday, September 05, 2008 9:55 AM
From: Monsignor Yves Marie Péan, csc

Bishop of Gonaives trapped with 500 people in his house in flooded Gonaives, Haiti September 5, 2008

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

It is with much sorrow that I address to you this message in these sad moments of our history. For one week, the entire country, from Jérémie to Jacmel, from Hinche to Port de Paix, from Port au Prince to Cap Haitien, faces this natural disaster of a scale without precedent.

Particularly the city of Gonaives is under water as in 2004 after the terrible passage of the tropical storm Jeanne which had left three thousand (3,000) dead among us. We are today once again confronted with apocalyptical problems after the passage of the Hurricanes Gustave and Hannah. Further, in the next days two (2) other hurricanes menace our people.

During the course of these hurricanes we have suffered many losses. The Cathedral, many schools, numerous churches and presbyters were damaged.

For four (4) days many Gonaivian families have been blocked in their houses without water or electricity. At the Bishop's House we are accommodating more than five hundred (500) people including members of the clergy and their families. I your servant am suffering with these victims while trying my best to provide them assistance during these times of bad weather which has affected all of Artibonite. For the present moment we have an urgent need for: drinkable water, food, clothes, beds, batteries, covers, bath towels, chlorine, mosquito nets, medicines, etc....

Already many people have succumbed in different regions of the country. Many more will die if we can't get them the immediate support they require.

Thus in this terrible circumstance I am willing to address this message to you, God's people, to help us deal with these many victims and the continued efforts of Caritas and CRS/Haiti to help with this chaotic situation. We seek, on behalf of the Haitian and Universal Church, to spread the Gospel of love, through actions with your support

God's people, I exhort you to remain united in prayer so that God guides us through the way towards a new beginning.

Sincerely yours in Christ

Monsignor Yves Marie Péan, c.s.c., Bishop of Gonaïves

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