February 07, 2006

Visioning Day

The phenomenal development of global mercy networks over the past ten years has raised for MIA the question: If you were to see Mercy International Centre as the well-spring of Mercy International Association, how would you re-vision MIA into the future?

On Monday 15 May 2006 Mercy Leaders and Project Convenors will gather at Baggot Street to reflect on the MIA story since the opening of Mercy International Centre in 1994.


Rich and lively conversations are expected as participants try to imagine how the next chapter of the story might take shape.

At times the ‘short, careful steps’ of project development have felt like quantum leaps as imaginative, creative and practical Mercy people have widened their vision and their action to encompass global realities.

‘To birth a future where, in the spirit of Catherine, we can be globally interconnected and where we can connect the rich and the poor for the life of the world,’ was one of the responses of Mercies worldwide to an international survey in 1989. As that dream becomes a reality in a shape not even technologically possible in 1989, May 2006 is a timely opportunity to tap once again into Mercy global energy.

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