October 02, 2011

Visit the Catherine McAuley Library (MIA)

Mercy International Association is developing a library of published works by and/or about Sisters of Mercy, Associates within Mercy, and our Mercy ministries.

Known as the Catherine McAuley Library it has been established in the room in the Baggot Street building that was originally Catherine McAuley's office.

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The Library has three main sections:

  • Biographies of Catherine McAuley and some of the early founding sisters;
  • an example of a mid-19th Century Mercy convent library;
  • a collection of books, written by or about Sisters of Mercy and Mercy Ministries.

The library currently holds 987 publications which have been catalogued electronically on Librarything.com.

MIA is looking to authors to donate a copy of their works to the Catherine McAuley library.

Is your title in the MIA library? Search the library holdings by clicking on this link.

In order to develop this library, we invite Sisters, Associates, and partners-in-ministry to provide complimentary copies of their published works that can be housed in this library. These works can be mailed to: Mercy International Centre, Library,
64a Lower Baggot Street,
Dublin 2, Ireland.

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